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  1. Great Squats articles Learn the secrets to success

  2. Get detailed instructions on Narrow Stance Squats. Learn correct technique with our Narrow Stance Squats video, photos, tips and reviews.

  3. The root of any strength program must be leg strength. Pause squats can help you add size and mass to your legs. When you put pause squats into your program be prepared for some muscle soreness in your legs.

  4. No other exercise in the athlete’s arsenal is as necessary as the squat. There are also several ways to do this exercise. Which is best?

  5. If you think the kettlebell's usefulness ends with the swing, you're missing out. Sub it out on squats and presses and build strength that shows

  6. Great Legs articles Learn the secrets to success

  7. Want bigger wheels for your monster-truck body? Then you need to squat. Build better legs with this old-school quad-crusher from USPLabs.

  8. When you can't perform squats to make your legs grow, don't lose hope Use this quad workout that focuses on foot position to pack on muscle to your thighs

  9. By incorporating the exercises listed here into an existing routine, and/or by making them cornerstones of future routines, you will be ensuring that massive, continual, muscle growth and strength increases are yours.

  10. You need to train legs if you want a great physique; and squats are the king of leg exercises. Use this exercise with any of the following methods and watch them grow.

  11. The quickest way for most people to boost up their attributes is, you guessed it, increase their ability to bend their knees and apply force Improve your strength with the squat. Get more here

  12. Squats belong to the exclusive club of compound movements that trigger growth you could never replicate by diddling around with isolation movements only.

  13. Many lifters will actively switch out squats for leg presses in their routines. While both these exercises work the quads, they are not created equal. See why squats are the better choice.

  14. In the old days, there were two kinds of squats: 'good' and 'bad.' Today, you can shop around between multiple versions of the movement. No more excuses. Get off the machines and give the squat a shot

  15. Pistol squats pop up all over the place, but that doesn't make this classic movement any easier. Commit, do the work, and let Al Kavadlo be your guide

  16. One aspect of the squat that we cannot ignore is the difficulty involved in supporting large weights atop your body structure.

  17. The squat is one of the best exercises for building strength and muscle mass. Can the Manta Ray make it more comfortable and even more effective?

  18. Don't be an April fool. Step back from the rack and save your knees and spine from the dreaded squat

  19. High rep squats work wonders for building muscular bulk and strength, not just for the legs, but for the entire body. The program is ridiculously simple.

  20. A barbell squat is a push-type, compound exercise which works primarily your quadriceps, but also trains your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This review of the squat will give you tips and techniques to do a squat properly. Read on to learn more.

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